The Via Verda

The Via Verda of Terra Alta pose near at hand of the practitioners of the walking, the cycling of mount and the horseriding, a full itinerary of wonderful places and of rooms almost virgin, where the tranquility and the silence sleep the predominant notes.

This path elapses for a stretch of railway off duty that it joined the populaces of The Puebla of Hijar and Tortosa, crossing the saw of Pàndols until reaching the Ebre.

The stretch recovered that it passes for the region is of 23,6 Km, splits since the bridge of the river Algars and crosses Horta’s terms of Saint Joan, Bot, Compte’s Prat and the Pinell of Brai.

No obstant this road has a route of some 100 km since the Puebla of Hijar until Roquetes and met also like the ancient road of the voucher of Zafan.

One of the manners comfortable and agile month to make a route of unripe road with bicycle posed that a certain circuit and of low level, accessible at every type of public. Around the unripe road have created kicks like the hire of bicycles, permits to enjoy of this actitivtat at any epoch and of way more comfortable and certain.

Map of the stations

En route Km. 0 / Km. 13 / Km. 17.5 / Km. 23.7

KM 0

The Unripe Road starts beside the river Algars, bed that parts the communities of Aragon and Catalonia. At the Catalan canton aixequen the edifices of the that was the season of Moths-Lledó that is distant hardly a kilometre of the locality of Lledó whereas the of Moths stays at some 8 km. Since the own season, in parallel at the road, lowers a path to a place where has conditioned a recreational room where, if the temperature warms, besides will be possible to enjoy of a bath.

After the season will resort five kilometres, at which will cross the first tunnel of the path. A wide curve approximates us at the edifices of the that was Horta’s season of Saint Joan (Km 5). Tracking the road, in front of us, will be able to observe the montanya of Saint Bàrbara.

From here the Unripe Road discorrerà beside the river Canaletes until the end of the path. During the following kilometres alternate tunnels and viaducts almost without pause. Among these last excel the situated at the Km 8,5, that saves the Ravine of the Molí of the Leader and the of the Km 10 that crosses on the pines that cover the bed of the Ravine of the Balloca.

KM 13

The view of the hermitage of Saint Josep, announces us the reached Bot. The people, situated beside the season, is point obliged of procurement, since until the Fontcalda (Km 19) will not find fonts.

Resorting the road, among trenches, viaducts and tunnels, passes under the Queixal of at Canar. The last tunnel of this stretch is the longest of this path, of 739 m at curve.

KM 17,5

At the start of this long gallery appear the ruins of the season of Prat of Count that is distant of the people that gives name some 4 kilometres for one empinada, but calm, road that starts of the same season. At the Km 18,5 exits the path of fit at the Shrine of the Fontcalda.

This new stretch of road, until the season of the Pinell of Brai, has been taken advantage of for the layout of a path of hiking of the Earth Alta: the PR-C-98. On new viaducts and tunnels will arrive at the Km 20. At this place situates the tunnel that was the “culprit" of the closure of the railway, at producing an important sinking at his centre. Therefore, it has taken advantage of a pitch that, without hardly pending, esquiva the tunnel for the outside.


reaches the platforms of the season of Pinell of Brai. Like succeïa at Prat’s previous stop, the urban area of Pinell is distant some 6 km, for roads of mount.

Here it finalises the Unripe Road of the Earth Alta, but no the possibilities of path. And it is that, since this same point, is possible to continue itinerary until reaching Tortosa, tracking the Unripe Road of the Low Ebre. 26 km additional to the Ebre.

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