Activities in nature and ADVENTURE

Experience nine sensations in the middle of nature

You crave to live intense emotions? Then come at Horta of Saint Joan and discovers all the activities with which will be able to set up your mechanism and live unforgettable experiences. If it likes you the water at movement, come at tasting ones of the best waters at the river Canaletes, where will be able to make descent of ravines or rapel.

If you are more terrestrial, also will find a big quantity of activities with which will be able to enjoy at the maximum: Parks of quest, trekking, climbing, BTT, hípica, climbing, espeleologia and much more!

Aquatic activities

Descent of Ravines
Being the adrenalin at the river Canaletes
Being the adrenalin at the river Canaletes
Sails for the river Ebre
Initiation at natural swimming pools
Being the force of the nature

Terrestrial activities

Park of quest
Tirolines and circuit for the trees
The paradise of climbing at the Ports
Via Verda by bicycle
It discovers the ancient road of rail at bicycle!
Discovers the best corners of Terra Alta
It discovers the best caves
Tours guided
discovers the history with a tour guided
Pure adrenalin for the ways of the Ports
Nordic march
Enjoy you at full nature!

Gastronomic activities

Taste of wines
Make a taste of wines elaborated at Terra Alta
Taste of oils of virgin olive
Make a taste of oils of Km 0