Festivities and traditions

Wonderful with the festivities of the Horta de Sant Joan

If you want to know Horta de Sant Joan from the inside, you have to live the festivities and traditions that the town offers. You will be fascinated by the magic with which our most ancestral traditions entertain you with the revelry of our major festivals of Sant Antoni and everything you will find at our fairs.


Around January 17th. In the afternoon in the church square there is a blessing of the animals and continues with one Mass dedicated to the saint. In alternate years, in the Plaza de Sant Salvador there is a performance of “the Temptations of Sant Antoni ”by the group Diables Foc i Flama, then the Sagalets lighting the traditional bonfire. Then at the Bar Casal there is an auction with desserts that people take during the day. The money raised is dedicated to the improvement of the Convent of San Salvador. There is a popular dinner and the day ends with a party.


These are the festivities in commemoration of one of the miracles of San Salvador, which made it rain after a long season without rain. It takes place the first weekend after April 21st. A weekend full of activities where the Fast Painting Contest should be highlighted, activities to spread art among the population and at the same time show the cultural and architectural heritage of Horta de Sant Joan among artists and visitors. All participants must comply with the established rules. The first prize is awarded by the City Council and the rest are awarded by individuals or businessmen in the municipality. It is celebrated on the first Sunday following April 21st.


The Saturday following Mercè Day (September 24) or the same day 24 if it happens on a Saturday. It takes its name which divides the village into two parts, one celebrates the party and the other is invited. In the decorated streets, bonfires are lit and sardines, meats, sausages for everyone are roasted and the jota d’Horta is danced with a lot of revelry.


Local celebration that is celebrated the 18 of March in devotion in San Salvador in the same Convent of San Salvador. A pilgrimage is made around the convent. During the morning typical sweets of the municipality are sold (coke, redots …) given by the people of the town, the collection is destined to the arrangement of the convent. There is a popular paella for the whole village.


Sant Joan is one of the copadrons of the municipality and the church is dedicated to him. In 1914 the city council added the name of the Saint to Horta, to differentiate it from the municipality of Barcelona. On the eve of St. John, in the evening, the AMPA organizes a bonfire for boys and girls. The village grallers liven up the party and make a parade. At night there are parties in the streets where there is no shortage of snails and cake as characteristic dishes, accompanied by all kinds of pyrotechnics. The next day the religious part of the festival takes place: Mass and procession. The town hall, as a tradition, presents all parishioners with a carnation.


The 8, 9, 10 and 11 of September at Horta of Saint Joan celebrates his main party devoted at the Nativity of the Virgin Maria with all the full days of activities, where the musician, the dances, the contests, the correbous and the popular meals excel .


It celebrates the first Sunday of October. It treats of a fair artesanal popular for the people, also met like “the party of the Mostillo" at which there is sample of products of elaboration artesanal and traditional bound at the epoch of autumn. It is necessary to excel the mostillo, the delicious afters elaborated with must of grape and nuts.

Next it finalises with a snack-dine popular.