Natural spaces

Feel the nature in Horta de Sant Joan

Horta de Sant Joan is surrounded by mountains and wilderness spaces created firstly by the orography of the territory and secondly by the Mediterranean climate and its rural character. These conditions make the space natural, with little condemnation to human footprints. However, it is true that man is getting closer and closer to nature, which allows us to better understand how it develops and how important it is to take care of it. Most of the activities you can do in Horta are designed to enjoy nature and see it in all its splendor without wasting or deteriorating it. These activities can be those related to hiking, climbing, canyoning, etc. and can be practiced in places like ELs Ports, Via Verda and in rivers like the Canaletes or the Straits, for example.

Parc Natural dels Ports

Els Ports is a mountain massif between the Mediterranean system

Santa Bàrbara

An emblematic mountain that inspired Picasso during his stay in the village of Horta de Sant Joan.

Les Roques de Benet

They represent the most emblematic landscape of the Ports massif.

Els Estrets

A natural place between mountains that descends with the Straits river

Assut de Lledó

Natural pools descending from the river Algars, an ideal bathing area for families.