Terra Alta


Trees, shrubs and forests cover almost every corner of the Terra Alta. The large number of virgin building areas means that there is vegetation of great ecological value. In the past, almost the whole region was made up of holm oak forests, but nowadays, once cut, they have been replaced by pine forests of Pi Sapí. We can find riparian forests that follow the course of the rivers and become the best places to shelter from the sun in summer and to enjoy the colors of autumn. The slopes of the mountains, on the other hand, are tinged all year round with the intense green of the oaks, oaks, and pines that cling tightly to the earth and rock. The vegetation in Els Ports is generally Mediterranean in climate: black pine (pinassa) and red pine, holm oak, Mediterranean scrub, maquis … But, in certain areas we find very different environments in a few areas away. For example, beeches (declared a Partial Nature Reserve), a vegetation of Central European climate.

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The holm oak

The pine forest

The riparian forests

The coscoll

The rosemary bush


Water viola

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