La Fatarella

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La Fatarella, España

Place Description

The Fatarella (1.200 inhabitants) limits with the Bank of Ebre. His orography is mountainous, thus the main part of the municipal term is coated by bosquina and pinewoods. For this same reason, the people presents streets with pending force, of a surprising beauty.

The toponym is of Arab origin. It belonged at the order of the Temple and, once dissolved, passed at the order of the Hospital. The populace was walt to protect of the plague and of the wolves since 1523 ends at least at the 17th century; of the five portals that had only conserves one, the of Cal Bo, at the street of Bass. The Civil War had a special repercussion at the villa.

The historic centre of the Fatarella, with narrow streets, sinuosos, steep and irregular, preserve some ancient homes with numerous porches, portalades of stone hammered, inscriptions and shields, among which excels the Home Balsebre, edifice senyorial of the 17th century with an interesting gallery tracked of small windows of half point. Sant’s the parish Adreu, the building of which inducted the 17th century, is a spacious temple of late Gothic style, with indoor renaixentista and principal façade of Baroque style of the 18th century. The Mother’s the chapel of God of the Mercy, of style renaixentista, goes edificar at the most elevated point of the people, since where can contemplate all the region. Therefore it nicknames it Oriel of the Earth Alta.

The hermitage of Saint Francesc, at 12 km of the people, is of the 17th century. It has an only rectangular plant and the door is of arc of half point. The cabins are the typical buildings of this term; they are built with calcareous stone and serve to protect of the bad time, save the tools and dry the fruit. Also we find mills of cereals and norias to extract water.

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