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  • Centro Picasso de Horta de Sant Joan
  • www.centrepicasso.cat
  • 977 435 330


Cultural visit for endinsar- at Picasso’s life during his stays at Horta of Saint Joan. Texts, footage, objects, outlines, drawings, portraits and reproductions to understand his fascination for this small people.

The Centre Picasso receives the exposure of the work picassiana and explains the vivències of the two stays that realised the painter at the people. It houses the reproductions facsimiles of all the works that the artist created at Horta.

The Centre Picasso, situated at the edifice renaixentista of Horta’s ancient hospital of saint Joan, wants to being a permanent homage at Picasso and houses the reproduction of all the works that the artist created at Orchard, thanks to which goes immortalitzar the people.

At the low plant explains , by means of objects, photographs and Picasso’s words, the strong affective ties that established among Horta and the painter. At the first plant expose the reproductions facsimiles of the works realised during his first stay at the people (1898-1899) and the evocations of 1903. At the second plant can admire the cubist work realised at Orchard the summer of 1909 and the evocations created at Barcelona and París the same year, before his return at the people.


Price: 4€ general entry – 3€ bands and tariff reduced – 2€ school bands – minors of 12 free years

Schedule of winter: Of Tuesday at Saturday of 11.00 at 13.30 horas.
Languages: Catalan, Spanish

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