Franqueta- Roca Llisa-Coll de la Valera- Els estrets- Toll blau- Mas de Corretja- Forn de claç

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In the recreational area of ​​La Franqueta we are offered four routes, of which we combine three into one. We leave the road that took us here and pass the Ateus campsite, which we leave on the right. We continue and immediately find the sculpture dedicated to the forest rangers. There we will find an indication towards the Valera pass and the Roca Llisa. The climb is constant along a path full of boulders and roots, as we go up we see the front walls with spectacular views. We will know that we reach the pass when the descent begins, because it is not signposted. We continue down and cross the road again and follow the route of the stars, marked in blue, until we reach the Lliberós farmhouse, we will find signs and we will follow the river to the right to enter the straits, we will continue here where there are a few places to bathe. Really impressive walls on both sides and the river in the middle. We will reach the blue pond, which is where we will turn around and return a twist along the same path where we came from. We will find a path on the right that goes down to the river, where you can cross on foot, at least now in August, and we will have changed from one channel to the other of the river. We will continue along it until we reach a turnoff indicated with a sign indicating the path to Mas de Corretja on the right, it is quite steep, but in a short time we will reach the ruins of the farmhouse. From here practically everything goes downhill, we will find the remains of the lime kiln and shortly after we will rec

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