Sweet Autumn Fair

"Sweet Autumn" - Mostillo Festival and handicraft products

The festival is held on the first Sunday in October and takes place in the Old Town, where the most traditional sweets and handicrafts of our land take center stage.

The “Sweet Autumn" is an exhibition or fair of handcrafted products that pays homage to the traditions and customs of our land, where you can find the best of the products that autumn offers. As is the case with grapes, which with their must, flour and nuts, “el mostillo" is made. Delicious desserts and protagonists of the party, typical of the areas where there are vineyards and a great artisanal production.

Throughout the day you can also enjoy tapas made by restaurants in the town and wines from wineries in the Terra Alta region.

Music concert, giants, workshops for the little ones and other activities complement this day with a wide range of options for all ages.