La Franqueta- Estrets- Monument dels Bombers

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We come out of the Franquette parking lot to see the Masses of the Bessona and the Quiquet where there are explanatory panels of life in the ports and a coal mill, we pass through the area of the Franqueta and we begin the real route that will lead us to the river of the Straits, first on the left bank, the Mas del Canyissar, the Mas del Torero. Below we cross the river of the Straits and we follow it now on the right bank, passing through the Straits of Lily, the Pont ravine and the Straits along the wider, braided and well-known way to the precious Blue Tol. From there we only have to go down to Pontet de Cantavella where we will take the lead, ideal for making the Norse to the Monument to the Bombers in memory of the victims of the tragic Horta de Sant Joan fire of July 2009.

After all, we will have to avoid doing it in the heart of the summer, as much of the route will be done in full sun, especially from the Blue Toll down, even though it always gives a taste for bathing in the Narrow River. Bringing abundant water, as we will not find sources outside the Franquette.

I think that the route is better to do it in the reverse direction of ascent, as we are thus making the section of sun in the darkest area and not suffering from as much heat as from the downfall at the end.

It is run with low level and, above all, with no technical difficulty. Very easy and fit for everyone.

Running in linear, cross-formatted direction, so we will have to do it with vehicle combinations, or that we will have to carry or collect. Ideal to do with coach-excursionist groups.

It is highly recommended to carry GPS, as it is difficult to follow only with the map. The author is not responsible for tracking the tour only with the description, which is indicative and in no case a guide to the tour.

Output: In the Franquette Recreation Area. We arrive from the road that separates Arnes from Horta de Sant Joan, with a diversion indicated “The Ports”. It is a long paved runway first after it takes us to the Franquette, always following the main path.

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