La Franqueta – Arbres monumentals

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  • Low-Medium


It is a route that leads us to the plain of Terranyes and along the route we find four monumental trees. We leave the dirt track that leads us to the Pellnegra pass, in this first section and once past the Mas de Josepó we thunder the first tree, an Aurò. We continue along the track until we find a fire raft, at this point there is a signpost that leads us to the path that will take us to the other trees, in the first place we find Lo Pimpoll, then Lo Pi Ramut, two trees they are identified with plates. We continue ascending until we reach the Terranyes plain, at this point we went to the refuge and then we went to look for the ruined farmhouse of Baio, in this place is where we find the last tree Lo Pi de Baio. From here we undo the path made to the area of ​​the fringe. An alternative to this route would be to undo the path made to the Pellnegra pass and at this point turn left onto a path that leads to the Mas de Corretja, this is a proposed route in the recreational area.



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