Climbing Els Ports

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The first contact with the sportive climbing, will make at the glorious surroundings of the Straits of Moths. Where we will discover like progressing vertically for a wall of rock at top Rock, is every one vertical quest. Possibility of activity of a day or cursets of 3-4 days.

Length: 4 hours for the sportive climbing.

Age recommended: Activities for boys split of 7 years. Possibility of start at family.

The Climbing can practice at distinct zones of the Ports, and is regulated according to the epoch of the year.

It recommends call at some entity of the zone of the Ports and have the reviews at hand and studied before commencing the practice.

The Climbing an enough complex activity that can practice at some points of the zone of the Ports and that requires the previous experience and readiness.

It is a splendid form to enjoy of the nature at height.

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