De Sant Salvador d’Horta a Santa Barbara

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Circular route that from the hermitage of Sant Salvador d’Horta easily climbs us to the ruins of the castle of Santa Bárbara clockwise. We will look for a path to the left of the hermitage, with a signposting Cova de Sant Salvador and Santa Bárbara. It is a beautiful word path that surrounds the mountain passing under beautiful conglomerate formations. We find the Cave of Sant Salvador (in the 18th century it worked miracles and it was the time of maximum splendor). Now the path climbs bravely to attack the summit from behind, it is very tidy and easy to climb. We are already at the top where we see the ruins of the Castle, further on there is a Cross and a geodesic vertex. Very good views of this part of the Terra Alta and the Ports, especially the Roques d’en Benet. We go back a little and we go down the other side, below us we have the road to Port de Comte. It is a bit sloping and stony, I do not advise you to do it with children. We are soon behind the hermitage and finish the route.


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